My Card/Scrapbook Making Area

What started out as an organized area in our den, has now turned into an over flowing area filled with all the wonderful things I convince my self I need in order to make cards! 🙂  At the request of a few friends, here are some pictures of the area where I create all my cards.  Warning: The content you are about to view may make you want to come to my house and organize!  I know where everything is…honest!  Has anyone seen my adhesive lying around?? 🙂  Click on them to see a bigger picture…if you dare!


Picture #1 is where it all happens-this is my small, but efficient card making space

Picture #2 is just to the right of picture 1

Picture #3 shows part of my ribbon collection, my handy little Ikea light and my One Sheet Wonder cheat sheet

Picture #4 shows the second work area my husband added for me-this is where I keep all my jars of ribbon, flowers, brads, chipboard, binder clips, and adhesive and reinkers

Picture #5 shows the ribbon organizer that my husband made for me out of an old tile display board.  It was a great idea, until we discovered it falls on the floor a lot!

Picture #6 shows all my paper!!!  I have probably twice as much scattered in different places, but this is where the bulk of it goes-so when I say I can make you any card you want in any color, now you know why!

Thanks for taking the tour, I hope to update later with some pictures of the area a little less messy!  I like to think that a messy desk indicates a hard worker! 🙂


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