Folded Wedding Invitation Mock-up

These are the mock-ups of some wedding invitations I am making for my sister-in law’s wedding in October.  There is a part at the bottom that is perforated so guests can indicate whether or not they are coming, tear that part off and send it back.  The front will have a wedding image (flower, cake, rings, something) and the bottom edge is scalloped.  The best part is that on the back of the invitation, there is room for a stamp and an address, so no envelope is needed to mail it.  Click on the images for a larger view.  I labeled them so you could see what they look like. dsc08831.jpgdsc08832.jpgdsc08833.jpgdsc08835.jpgdsc08836.jpgdsc08834.jpg

Picture #1 front, scallop

Picture #2 inside with perforated part, where the invitation part will go

Picture #3 perforated part

Picture #4 back of perforated part

Picture #5 back where you can put address to mail (not the part for them to return)

Picture #6  back unfolded


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