I’ve Cleaned!!

After LOTS of hard work, I’ve cleaned up my card/scrapping area.  I’m pretty excited about it being this clean–I almost don’t want to make any cards, just so it can stay this way!  Some new things I’ve added….my Cricuit of course, the blue divided box is from IKEA (if you haven’t been to IKEA by the way–you need to go–it’s organizational heaven!!), I also put together a small basket of the tools I use all the time (tape runner, scissors, pop dots, glue dots, stapler, tacky tape, eyelet setter/tools, mats, etc).  I got a few new jars too when I was at IKEA-they are great for storing extra long ribbons or scraps of ribbon.  My favorite addition is my paper box.  I’ve organized all my scraps by color (red/pink, orange, yellow, etc.) and I have two folders for holiday patterned paper and regular patterned paper–I’ll need to refine that some, but that’s for another day!  I also didn’t show pictures before of the carts under my paper area, that’s where I store all my wheels, extra adhesive, chipboard, eyelets, brads, items for flower pot pens, and all that other extra stuff that doesn’t have a home anywhere else.  Click on the pictures to make them bigger–bet you can’t find anything out of place now!! 🙂


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