OOT Bags Offerings!

As promised, here are the OOT bags I currently offer. If you do not see something that fits your needs, please contact me and we can work to make it happen!

All bags include (you can add/take away items at an additional cost):

* 1-2 bottles of bottled water

* maps of your destination (you supply)

* itinerary

* a listing of places to see (specific to age/theme)

** map, itinerary, and places to see will be compiled into a folded 3-5 page booklet for recipients to use


This is the OOT bag to choose if you need a quick welcome bag for your guests. It can be customized to meet your needs and the items listed can be added/taken out depending upon what you would like. Any container would work for this OOT bag.

* 2 bottles of water, chocolate, hard plastic water bottle (customized with labels), flip-flops, maps, note cards (handmade and personalized), snack packages (pretzels, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, etc.), itinerary, places to see*


Included in a large customizable coffee mug in your choice of color:

* instant coffee of your choice, spoons (caramel or chocolate dipped), lady finger cookies (or similar substitution) STARBUCKS gift card

BATH OOT BAG ($35 each)

Included in a basket or re-usable plastic bath container (can be customized with paint pens or labels)

* your choice of scented lotion, soap, salts, towel in color of your choice, and a bath robe)

OOT BAGS FOR KIDS (ages birth-12) ($15 each)

Included in a handy canvas bag with custom decorations (including recipients first name)

* coloring book/activity book, 24 count Crayola crayons, hard plastic water bottle (first name printed on bottle), snacks, age appropriate toys from Discovery Toys


Included in canvas beach tote (customizable with names of bride/groom or recipents)

* sunscreen (minimum 30 SPF), chapstick, flip-flops, straw hat, towel in your choice of color


*Please note that due to shipping laws, you must supply your own bottled wine*

Included in small wicker picnic basket or backpack:

*wine glasses (2 or 4-can be engraved), crackers, cheese, cheese spreader


Included in a toiletries bag:

* trail mix, water bottles, nail care kit (clippers, nail file, clear polish, buffer)

All kits are a minimum 5 OOT bag order and must be paid up front-in full, plus the cost of shipping. One of a kind OOT bags are also available, so contact me for details.


3 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I’m just enquiring about getting OOT bags done for our Las Vegas Wedding. We would need approx 20, along with three kids OOT bags. Do you have pics of your all purpose gift bags?

  2. I unfortunately did not take photos of the last set of OOT bags I made. Pretty much any OOT bag you can imagine in your mind, I can make happen for you!

  3. i’m looking ot doing OOT gift bags for a winter wonderalnd wedding, in south florida.

    I want something that looks very elegant but I the same time I don’t want it to be too expensive. any suggestions?

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