A few of my soon to be club girls wanted to know about adhesive since I asked them to bring some with them…

Here are some different types of adhesive that I like to use…


This one is TOMBO MONO adhesive.  This is my favorite and is available through Stampin’ Up!, Michaels, Jo-Anns, Hobby Lobby, but the quality is the best from Stampin’ Up! I cry when this one runs out! 😦


These are adhesive mounting squares.  Not at all messy, but slows you down in the card making process because you have to peel the paper off of one side.  I only use these when I have run out of everything else.  Available at Jo-Anns, Michaels, Wal-Mart, Meijer, Hobby Lobby


Some times when I run out of adhesive, I buy whatever is in the store I happen to be in–that’s what happened here.  I can only find this brand at Wal-Mart and it would have to be my second favorite.  Good price, lasts long, and sticks–what more could a girl want from her adhesive??


Scotch Tape had to get in on the scrapbooking action and make their own adhesive too.  This one is just the “holder” for the adhesive, there is an insert that goes inside this.  It was okay, but I’ve only used it once–again, happened to be at Target and this is what they sold there!


This is what I am currently using for a few projects.  It’s by Xyron and the refills lasted like 10 minutes before putting in a new cartridge!  No wonder they were so cheap.  I got this at Michaels and have since switched back to my TOMBO MONO adhesive!


Now we are venturing into the world of glue products.  This is a glue pen, basically a glorified glue stick from Making Memories.  I’ve used it once–it came with my tool kit and I like quick dry adhesive, so I wasn’t too impressed with this one.


This is 2 Way Glue.  When its blue you can glue, and when it’s clear its tacky-like a post-it-note so you can move things around.  I love this glue for adding glitter, gluing paper to chipboard, but it doesn’t work to great when gluing cardstock to cardstock.  If we ever use this on a project, I will have it available for your use.

I would recommend getting the first adhesive or the third (the blue one from Wal-Mart) and then ordering the good stuff from me! 🙂


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