My Organized Scrappin’ Space

I’ve been hard at work cleaning out all my non-SU! supplies, so that I don’t accidentally get confused (that could never happen because SU! stuff is the best!!), but I don’t want to make something only to discover that I did not use the right paper or ribbon, so I cleaned!  Lucky for me, I happen to have a SIL who also loves to scrap, so I gave her all my things I couldn’t use anymore! 🙂  I hope you can use them Jenn!  I’m glad to give them a good home where I know they will get used and not sit in the back of drawers collecting dust! 🙂

So, after I cleaned, I took some pictures of my new, cleaner space:


I still occupy the same space, but I have downsized, A LOT!, things are not as crowded as they used to be.  Let me take you on a tour:


My awesome hubby hung three curtain rods on the wall so I could store my punches on them and be able to see them.  It looks kind of empty right now, but I have punches for that middle row in use for Club projects, so they will return in a few weeks!


This is how I store my markers.  For the longest time, I had them standing up in an old popcorn tin, but (BAD Kristen) I have learned that you should store them on their sides to help the ink evenly saturate the tips of the markers.  So they are now sorted by color (red, orange, yellow)(green, blue, purple)(black, brown, white, and other neutrals)in each of the three drawers.

I have Stampin’ Write Markers, Sakura Glaze Pens, Sakura Puff Pens, Blender Pens, EK Success thin writers, and my paint markers stored here.


This is my ribbon drawer (one of three, there are two more below this).  This drawer holds all my SU! ribbon and the other are in the bottom two drawers, again sorted by color.


The Cuttlebug area.  In the top left you can see my Cuttlebug cutting plates and several dies.  There is my Cuttlebug in the front, and behind it are all my Cuttlebug embossing plates, Nesties, and some bigger adhesives (ModPodge, my Xyron Sticker Maker, pop dots).  I will eventually buy a Big Shot machine from SU!, but for right now until I’m sure how this is going to pan out, I’ll just stick with my Cuttlebug!  It’s cutting things just fine!


Here is my Ink Caddy from SU!.  I love it and how I am able to move it around to find the color I need–I’m so glad I decided to get this, because again, I was storing my ink pads the wrong way! 🙂


I got this white shelf from Target about 6 months ago.  I put it on top of my table, and in this bottom drawer I store all my current SU! sets.  This is where the punches used to be, so I am so glad to be able to see all of them at once hanging on the wall! 🙂  I can just pull this drawer out, get what I need and it doesn’t get in the way of my work space right below it.


Here is the drawer above the stamp drawer.  I keep all my new stickers and things I want to use here.  I also store my SU! Watercolor Pencils here because I use them frequently.


This is the top of that white shelf.  I keep all my ribbon scraps in jars up here as well as any food items that I will use in projects so my dogs don’t eat them!  I also have a few things my son made me and my cardboard stash for Jumbo Paper Clippes! 🙂


I got this shelf at Costco (it was a B-day present from my hubby, but I picked it out!).  I have one drawer for each color and then all the shares of that color go in (In the Red drawer, I have Real Red, Rose Red, Pixie Pink, Pink Passion currently).  I also have a drawer for white, black, off white, and DSP.


This is how I store my supplies for my Club Classes.  I have one tub for each item we are making and anything that doesn’t fit, sits on top of the correct tub.  I got these at Wal-Mart/Target.  They are from Rubbermaid and they cost $2.50 for one, but I did find several “bonus packs” and was able to get 2 for $2.50.  They are a little larger than 8 1/2 x 11, so most everything fits. I thought if I store them this way, I could collect the supplies in advance, set them out and then when I teach my after school class, I can transport them easily and in a waterproof way! 🙂  I can also put cards together and leave myself notes about which cards need to be near each other because they share supplies or because they need stamps to be cleaned or whatever in between stamps.


This is were a big part of my storage happens.  In the IRIS Cart on the left, (top to bottom), I store, 1) embellishments-rhinestones, eyelets, brads, buttons, mini-marbles) 2) chipboard/tags-chipboard sheets, alphabets, coasters, metal rimmed tags, jumbo paper clips 3) supplies for flower pot pens  4) cello bags and other bags I have purchased from, sponges, and other assorted supplies.  In the blue cart on the right (top to bottom), I store, 1) adhesives 2) hand held paper punches 3)stampin wheels and brayers 4) ColorWheels  5) themed stickers  6) things to scrapbook


Here is my caddy where I keep everything I use a lot!  Scissors, pens, pencils, glue pens, rulers, MM rub on letters, crystal effects, stylus, brushes, erasers, pliers, wire cutters, rubber cement, my Sharpies, and probably lots of other things I have no idea are in there! 🙂


This is how I store my non-SU! DSP.  It is in a crate by color and all my new DSP pads that haven’t been sorted yet, go in the front.


This is how I store my embellishments inside the drawer of the IRIS cart.  Below, I have two smaller containers for eyelets, hardware, bookplates, etc.  On the top are all my brads, jumbo eyelets, buttons, etc.  To the right are my rhinestones, marbles, and nail files for sanding! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my tour and I will share more as I continue to clean! 🙂  Let me know if you have any questions!

Kristen 🙂



A few of my soon to be club girls wanted to know about adhesive since I asked them to bring some with them…

Here are some different types of adhesive that I like to use…


This one is TOMBO MONO adhesive.  This is my favorite and is available through Stampin’ Up!, Michaels, Jo-Anns, Hobby Lobby, but the quality is the best from Stampin’ Up! I cry when this one runs out! 😦


These are adhesive mounting squares.  Not at all messy, but slows you down in the card making process because you have to peel the paper off of one side.  I only use these when I have run out of everything else.  Available at Jo-Anns, Michaels, Wal-Mart, Meijer, Hobby Lobby


Some times when I run out of adhesive, I buy whatever is in the store I happen to be in–that’s what happened here.  I can only find this brand at Wal-Mart and it would have to be my second favorite.  Good price, lasts long, and sticks–what more could a girl want from her adhesive??


Scotch Tape had to get in on the scrapbooking action and make their own adhesive too.  This one is just the “holder” for the adhesive, there is an insert that goes inside this.  It was okay, but I’ve only used it once–again, happened to be at Target and this is what they sold there!


This is what I am currently using for a few projects.  It’s by Xyron and the refills lasted like 10 minutes before putting in a new cartridge!  No wonder they were so cheap.  I got this at Michaels and have since switched back to my TOMBO MONO adhesive!


Now we are venturing into the world of glue products.  This is a glue pen, basically a glorified glue stick from Making Memories.  I’ve used it once–it came with my tool kit and I like quick dry adhesive, so I wasn’t too impressed with this one.


This is 2 Way Glue.  When its blue you can glue, and when it’s clear its tacky-like a post-it-note so you can move things around.  I love this glue for adding glitter, gluing paper to chipboard, but it doesn’t work to great when gluing cardstock to cardstock.  If we ever use this on a project, I will have it available for your use.

I would recommend getting the first adhesive or the third (the blue one from Wal-Mart) and then ordering the good stuff from me! 🙂

My New Cricut!!

I am sooooooo excited!! I FINALLY was able to get my hands on a Cricut Die Cut Machine!! It took about 6 months of convincing my hubby to let me get one. So I went to Jo-Ann’s last night where they were supposed to be on sale, but they were ALL OUT! I was so sad I almost cried! I asked for a raincheck and they said they weren’t going to get anymore in, so I went to Wal-Mart and for a mere $8 bucks more, I got one!!! I also got some extra cutting mats, blades and a few cute dinosaur dies for the Cuttlebug, for my son (I’m secretly planning on using them to make his birthday invitations, but he doesn’t know that yet!) Here’s a picture of my new toy!


My Card/Scrapbook Making Area

What started out as an organized area in our den, has now turned into an over flowing area filled with all the wonderful things I convince my self I need in order to make cards! 🙂  At the request of a few friends, here are some pictures of the area where I create all my cards.  Warning: The content you are about to view may make you want to come to my house and organize!  I know where everything is…honest!  Has anyone seen my adhesive lying around?? 🙂  Click on them to see a bigger picture…if you dare!


Picture #1 is where it all happens-this is my small, but efficient card making space

Picture #2 is just to the right of picture 1

Picture #3 shows part of my ribbon collection, my handy little Ikea light and my One Sheet Wonder cheat sheet

Picture #4 shows the second work area my husband added for me-this is where I keep all my jars of ribbon, flowers, brads, chipboard, binder clips, and adhesive and reinkers

Picture #5 shows the ribbon organizer that my husband made for me out of an old tile display board.  It was a great idea, until we discovered it falls on the floor a lot!

Picture #6 shows all my paper!!!  I have probably twice as much scattered in different places, but this is where the bulk of it goes-so when I say I can make you any card you want in any color, now you know why!

Thanks for taking the tour, I hope to update later with some pictures of the area a little less messy!  I like to think that a messy desk indicates a hard worker! 🙂